Commitment to cultivating and sustaining a diverse working environment and a workforce priding itself in igniting individual potential for the effectiveness of the organisation, is crucial to our success. Our high performance culture requires high performance people. Continuously up skilling and developing our people is an important driver of performance and job satisfaction. Functional capability and skills development is a key focus area.

Learning programmes are offered both in-house and externally to employees for technical, professional, management and leadership development.

Our people development philosophy is built upon how people learn and apply their learning. We believe in a tried and true method of development, based on a blended learning approach of education, relationship and experience based development. A key focus for the Company is to create growth opportunities for our employees through focused learning initiatives that promote the RCL FOODS strategy. Some of these being and not limited to:

  • Growing a pipeline of future leaders who are developed through the RCL FOODS Management Trainee Development programme

  • Building functional capability throughout the organisation
  • Implementing consistent RCL FOODS Management Practices across the business
  • Continuously striving to develop leaders today for the future through customised Leadership programmes.


Building leadership capability and growing a diverse talent pipeline of employees who will inspire achievement of our business ambition is a critical business imperative. This ensures a high performance organisation is achieved.

World class learning solutions are sourced and customised to grow a diverse talent pipeline of authentic leaders.

At RCL FOODS leadership is defined as an ability to lead in four main areas: Performance, Change, People and Self. We build leaders who ‘’see and do things differently’’ and display judgement, drive and Influence.

We drive transformation at RCL FOODS to achieve our company passion and ambition. We have partnered with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and implemented customised Leadership programmes across each of the management levels.

Individual Development Plans

On an individual level, the Group recognises that its people have varying developmental needs. RCL FOODS encourages the completion of Individual Development Plans via the Talent Management Process. Customised development solutions may encompass formal training programmes, on-the-job training as well as Company assisted qualifications. Over and above this, employees attend training programmes that have been identified for them to ensure that they are adequately trained to meet the changing demands of their roles and advances in technology.